tisdag 29 maj 2012

Sponsorer - SmartShake

SmartShake sponsrar med 144st Smartshakes, 72st 600ml och 72st 800ml, som kommer att finnas som pris i vårt lotteri samt till försälning


"The founder and inventor of SmartShake, Mikael Nilsson started his first diet in the beginning of 2009. He soon realized that most shakers on the market was leaking and it was a hustle to use bulk packs with protein and plastic bags to store each serving when he was on the go. Since no shaker on the market could fill his needs, he decided to develop the ultimate shaker by himself. This was the beginning and birth of SmartShake, “The World’s Smartest Shaker With 3 Storage Compartments”.

SmartShake HQ is based in Sweden. In two years the company has grown and are now operating in 21 countries.

We care about the environment.
You can always be confident that we use eco-friendly freight options and that the plastic is 100% recyclable.

We designed the compartments so they fit inside the big cup while shipping, this way we reduced shipping and carbon footprint with 40%. And you will also help, since you no longer have to use one time bottles/ containers that you throw away after finishing the drink!"

"Have a great day & Shake it with style!"

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