tisdag 10 februari 2015

Sponsorpresentation - LESMILLS

Nästa sponsor att bli officiell är ytterligare en som går in med ett gäng helt fantastiska vinster!
Förutom lite blandade prylar såsom flaskor och väskor har du även chansen att bli RPM-instruktör!
Vi kommer lotta ut en gratisplats på en grundutbildning i RPM - så kom och Ride It Like You Stole It!

"Every week, in more than 15,000 clubs and gyms and across over 80 countries, millions of people put aside whatever else is happening in their lives and lose themselves in one of the LES MILLS™ group fitness and team training programs. They shout, they sweat, they leave feeling extraordinary and then they come back to do it all again.
With a LES MILLS™ workout you’re not just exercising, you’re joining something bigger than yourself. You’ll gain the energy of the group effect as one of our 100,000 certified instructors guides you through a motivating workout set to chart-topping music. You’ll fall in love with fitness and change your life.
We’re on a mission to create a fitter planet and we want you to join us.

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